'02 | female | not sensitive with pronouns or gendered terms, so feel free to address me comfortably ^^hi! welcome to my bns/trading acc solely for btob and skz <3
deleted = sold
Mode of Payment: = gcash | metrobank | shopee listing (with addtl. fees)
Mode of Delivery = sc/o (j&t) | j&t direct
Location: Baguio City
Packing Fee: 15PHP for photocards, 25PHP for albums
1. Be 100% sure when claiming.
1. Strictly no cancellation. The cancellation fee would be half of your total order.
2. Payment would be PAYO or three days after claiming unless the DOP is stated.
3. The DOP can be negotiable as long as you ask nicely :)
4. Items are non-refundable (will still depend on the situation).
5. Will charge late fees for onhand items (20 PHP per day).
6. I have the right to refuse rude and impatient buyers.
7. After receiving your parcel, kindly cover the waybill before throwing it out to prevent certain things.
8. I will not be liable for any loss, delay, or damage of parcels caused by the local shipping couriers. Rest assured that I'll send photos and videos before shipping out.